“Give praise to the LORD, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done.” (1 Chronicles 16:8)


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Welcome to Todays Miracles!
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Saturday, 12 June 2004

WelcomeThanks for visiting the new “Todays Miracles©” website which is now being built. You are invited to enjoy archives of  “God Talks and Acts Today©” messages about miracles and other unusual information you probably have not seen or heard anywhere else. Message subjects vary including not only miracles, but also new discoveries, science as it relates to The Bible, people, places, holidays, humor, and more. Each of these reports, articles, and more were originally sent as e-messages beginning in 1999. It will be a lengthly process publishing all of the 500 existing messages, so please be patient and check in daily.

Most people think the articles are very interesting. As a former managing editor of a newspaper, I specialize in writing very unusual information. My sources of information include doctors, nurses, clergy, missionaries, former Muslims, people at very high levels in our government and governments of other countries, scientists, professors, and, of course, news people (who often know things their publisher does not allow them to tell the public, so they tell me).

Information you wish to submit is welcome IF you will help me confirm it with other people. This is not, however, a forum for your opinions or mine - well, maybe I will offer one occasionally. It is my website and my efforts. Work on your own if you feel the need to say whatever you want.

I try to present solid information that you would otherwise not learn about. This includes not only new subjects, but additional information our news has failed to tell you about subjects they did report on. You can not have an accurate opinion without the whole story and they deliberately tell you only enough about most subjects so you will believe what they want you to believe.

I do not pretend to know everything, but I do learn many amazing additional facts which will make you reconsider what the news has told you. My thanks to the many people who flood me with good information and my apology for not being able to publish all of it.

Joe Buckeye

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